We work at 360°


Stoppa Design and Technology have been happily working for years with professionals and craftmens who deeply know our work method, so that each project develolpment flows. They will lead us on site, take the measures, and provide us with the best solutions to create and furnish your business premises.



Stoppa Design and Technology has been collaborating for years with the best carpenters, decorators, builders, blacksmiths, technicians, and retailers. Our established work method let us carry out your project in the most natural way.

Bespoke solutions

Stoppa Design and Technology offers you bespoke furniture solutions. Non-linear spaces, previous restorations, particular architectural requirements, these are not a problem for us. Every furniture design we create is handcrafted, producing bespoke furniture for your bar, restaurant, pizzeria, grocery shop or hotel.

Tradition and Technology

Stoppa Design and Technology has always been in line with the demands of noble materials such as high-quality wood or metal supports, with cutting-edge restaurant equipment.

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