We work at 360°


Stoppa Design & Technology has over 35 years of experience: we conceive, design, and create furniture for bars, restaurants, ice cream shops, pastry shops, bakeries, grocery shops, fish shops, pubs, tap rooms, hotels and shopping areas.

All the shops and the business spaces we design are never purely neutral: the customer perception necessarily affects the idea of the business that is going to take place.


It is essential to catch your personal interpretation and combine it with your wishes, to give a unique personality to your business premises through fitted furniture and well- conceived spaces.

Design Concept

Our design starts with the study of the design concept – the core of the personality of your business space – then it focuses mainly on functionality and practicality in all types of business: our careful analysis of the required equipment and its technology let us optimize the spaces and guarantee a perfect production management.



Our designers will take care of the aesthetic aspect. Through three-dimensional volumetric images and photorealistic rendering, you will see your project come to life before its actual implementation. That’s what we offer – a fascinating journey, from the choice of the business space to final implementation.

Stoppa Design nel mondo