A new brand is born and it includes more than 35 years of experience: Stoppa Design and Technlogy affirms its extensive knowledge and technical expertise in the field of business premises furniture and professional restaurant industry.


The gamble

In 1982 Mr. Claudio Stoppa – thanks to his extensive experience in the supply of professional bar and restaurant equipment- founded the Stoppa Furniture company. His wish is that of becoming a reference point for the supply of professional equipment in the food retail sector and business premises furniture, supported by his training and expertise in the professional restaurant industry.
In 1987 the Stoppa company increased its range of equipment by including the ice cream shop and pastry equipment of international brands.


The great growth

In 1993 Claudio Stoppa realized the need of a radical change and the company invested in a bespoke furniture workshop for business premises, hiring designers and sales managers. The turning point came in 1996: the Carpigiani company – world leader in ice cream machines – chooses Stoppa Furniture as its exclusive dealer for the provinces of Cuneo and Asti (Piedmont, Italy). The great growth of the Stoppa Furniture leads to the opening of a new 2000 square meters factory.



Countless satisfactions

In 2005, the Stoppa Furniture expands into national and foreign markets (France, Germany, Spain, Tenerife, Africa), becoming leader in its area. It is the only company to work with direct and in-house skills: design studio, production area of bespoke furniture, technical assistance workshop, showroom, classroom for food and beverage training courses for barmans, ice cream makers, pastry chefs and restaurant chefs. Following these great successes and satisfactions, in 2012 a new company branch was born: the Stoppa Group.


Over 30 years of experience in the professional restaurant industry.

After the crisis, in 2017 the decision is that of creating a new headquarter and a new trademark that covers all the experience of over 35 years of work: the Stoppa Design and Technology was born, affirming its own knowledge and technical expertise in the furniture sector and supply of professional equipment for the restaurant industry.

Now and always by your side for your professional activity.

with us, for you.

Constant upgrade is the key to success. Stoppa Design and Technology works technologically to provide you with the highest quality of every element of your business premises. We show you the optimal furniture solution using photo rendering and we look for the best balance between practicality and saving by using energy calculations.